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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Island Life

I tell you, it's the island life that's making us all very lazy. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, ours was very same same but different!

Ko Tao, Thailand
So we bailed from Kanchanaburi straight through Bangkok (1/2 hour stopover, just long enough to grab necessary supplies from the ubiquitous 7-11) and down to Chumphon, a small town on the coast that pretty much has nothing going for it except ferries that go to the islands.

The next morning we were up early, instant coffee keeping us alive, and we jumped on the ferry to Ko Tao. I've got a long tale about how awesome the boat ride was (for me at least), since the waves were huge, the wind was up, and the choppy seas served to transform our once pleasant catamaran into a floating charnal house of puke and vomit. I can proudly say that I found my sea legs early and survived the trip...though I did get drenched a bit. We decided to sit right at the bow, so we copped the spray every time the boat took a dip. Which was often! Amazing though, really enjoyed it.

Arriving at Ko Tao, everyone off the boat wobbling side to side and pale as sheets. We found our bungalows down the other end of the island, away from the overhyped and generally crappy tourist half. The bungalows were simple, but they were perched upon a rocky promintory overlooking turquoise blue bays, palms and coconut trees swaying in the breeze, hammock out on the balcony...five days of blissful relaxation! We went into 'town' every now and then for ... um ... "essential supplies" (you just can't keep beer cold around here), but generally just loafed.

Had Christmas Day lazing around in hammocks, listening to music and drinking beer. Lunch was a low-key affair at the local restaurant, and dinner was a big "buffet" (what kind of buffet doesn't let you go up for seconds? A buffet that serves you a plate of food as big as your head!) of roast meat, veges, all the trimmings.

Boxing Day saw us settle into the Safety Stop Pub at Mae Haad Pier to watch the game that was beamed from Australia to South Africa to Ko Tao. Don't ask. Warnie got his 700th, us and the Aussie/Kiwi contingent watching (bout 10 of us) were extremely chuffed for him. Couldn't have asked for a better ball either!
It was awesome. Beer in hand, lounging around on couches, the cricket in front, a random island street to our right, and to our left, the Gulf of Thailand.

Ko Phang Ngan, Thailand
We watched the second day of the test on the 27th, killing time before our catamaran to Ko Phang Ngan at 3pm. Rocked up, escaped the clutches of the taxi touts on the pier, and lo and behold! ... couldn't find a taxi. A tourist island, with no taxis. Eventually found one and got to our accomodation: Mac Bay. We picked it cos it sounds like MCBAIN! was funnier at the time.

Hat Rin (the big party beach) is 15 minutes away by Songkaew, or local bus/taxi. We checked out the night life, and discovered that all the restaurants on the little strip of touristed road turn into mini-cinemas at around 5pm to attract a crowd.

We're back in today trying to find some accommodation closer to the beach for New Years, without success. Admittedly, we didn't have high hopes in the first place. We'll be staying at MAC BAY!! and travelling in on the night.

We discovered a beach tucked away behind the main strip of Hat Rin about an hour ago. The beach was draped with beautiful, tanned women in various states of undress. Unfortunately I forgot my swimming pants, but I'm gonna go swim in what I'm in anyway. The whole beach looked STUNNING...oh, and the water was good too.

Found those buckets of booze too that I was so looking forward to! It was like what the women always deny...size DOES matter. The buckets I've seen are TINY! Where are my MEGABUCKETS?! I ask you that. And your reply is silence.
My challenge is now to not only find and eat fried grasshoppers, but to find and drink a megabucket. I will not be thwarted so easily!

D and J are chilling in the pub, so I'm off to keep them company. Hopefully be posting again before New Years to wish you all well!


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